Events Filmed For Free

Most organisations cover the cost of filming an event through DVD sales.

If you can guarantee a minimum number of sales we will record your event for free – you need 30 to cover a one person operated shoot and 70 for a two person operated event.

The number of cameras at a show usually depends upon what is taking place in the event, how many people are involved and how many DVDs can be sold.

We will sell DVDs to you for £12 each and if you wish you can add an additional amount to cover your costs.

We can provide DVD artwork for the cover and the face of the DVD or use artwork that you provide.

If you are unable to sell the required number of DVDs we will film the event for the equivalent price.

If you wish us to distribute the DVDs for you there will be an additional fee for postage and packing of £3 per DVD.

Urdang Academy @ Move It